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Why not just book your trip myself?

We hear this all the time. With all the resources and online sites out there, why not book the cheapest rate you can find on a fill-in-the-blank deal site? The truth is, you can book some of your reservations yourself, however, we guarantee you won't have the same unique experiences. By booking with Teleios, you will save countless hours mapping out the tedious logistics, cut through the noise of travel review sites and deceptive pricing and add value to your trip through our industry relationships and local experts.


What happens if I need to cancel my trip?

We are sorry to hear you canceled your trip, however, the planning fee is non-refundable. This cost covers the hours and investment spent on researching and working on your behalf on the logistics of your trip. To apply the trip planning fee to a future trip with Teleios, please send an email with your payment details to for our review and consideration.


What should I expect for my itinerary?

  • A suggested route

  • Flight suggestions

  • Entry Requirements for each country

  • 3 – 4 accommodation options in each location 

  • Transport options during your trip (flights, trains, buses, boats, car hire etc)

  • A customized daily itinerary, including things to do, tours and restaurant recommendations

  • Practical tips for each location including safety concerns, local currency, culture, etiquette & emergency information

  • And more to make this the perfect trip


Why is this planning unique?

We create your custom travel itinerary based on your needs and desires. Whether you’d like a romantic vacation or a family-friendly trip, focusing on natural attractions, museums, food and one of the kind experiences. We will ensure you get what you’re dreaming about and more. At Teleios, we not only send you to incredible destinations, we make sure you make the most of your time once you get there. From Europe or anywhere worldwide, our global knowledge and our access to the best tour companies gets you an immersive, unforgettable experience, all tailored to how you like to travel.  

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